Company Integrated Policy

TINTEX TEXTILES, SA, an entrepreneurial company at its core and in line with its context has defined, with the company’s positioning, recognition and sustainability strategies in the global market, the following Quality & Innovation, Environment, and Social Responsibility Policies’ cornerstones:


— To satisfy its customers, their needs and expectations, adding value to their products/services by means of Quality, Innovation, and Differentiation;

— To systematically develop new technical and technological solutions that foster the company’s international positioning and recognition based on its innovation capability and commitment to Sustainability;

— To advance sustainable development using resources rationally, aiming to reduce energy, water, and other natural resources’ consumption by adopting technologies that enable such reductions, where technically possible and economically viable;

— To prevent polluting the environment by contributing to greater environmental sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact caused by the company’s activities;

— To establish and promote partnerships with all stakeholders that foster Innovation and sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions;

— To comply with all legal and regulatory regulations arising from the company’s business; including environmental, quality and social responsibility issues;

— To comply with the principles of the International Labour Organization (ILO), including with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and applicable national laws;

— To commit to sanctioning child labor, forced or compulsory labor, non-compliance with safety rules, discrimination, undisciplined practices, and employees’ overtime;

— To commit that no production is allowed in house/subcontract/sublet to any prison or where prisoners are kept;

— To provide the freedom to form unions and the right to collective bargaining;

— To observe the legal minimum wage, ensuring that the basic needs of all employees are met;

— To encourage an organizational culture that ensures the organization’s values and commitments based on the development of Human Assets, seeking to stimulate their creativity and individual initiative, in the pursuit of Tintex’s goals;

— To encourage the continuous improvement of the Management System, within an integrated perspective of satisfaction of the different stakeholders;

— This Policy is duly divulged to all employees by way of display, and by announcing it in the Management Platform.


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