The TINTEX vision is to build a new generation textile business that truly delivers an eco-sustainable strategy for all its production and fabric innovations through dedicated investments in technology, assets and skilled teams of specialist staff.

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Future Earth
On March 30th, the European Commission adopted the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles. This communication reports on the negative social and environmental impacts of the Textile Sector in the EU and worldwide, but also highlights its significant role in tackling injustice, poverty, the endangerment of our health and that of the planet. At Tintex Textiles, we want to be part of the solution, not the problem, and we want to help our partners be part of the solution, too. That is why we have been working on solutions to make the transition to a more sustainable textile system as easy and fluid as possible.
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Staff Picks – 2021 in Review
A selection of highlights through the eyes of our Team!
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Message from Executive Board for 2022
A new year has begun. With it, we embrace new challenges and set future objectives, all the while concluding ongoing projects and keeping, now more than ever, our great motivation to serve and accompany our clients and partners the best way we know, the way we have accustomed them to.
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Waste Management
At TINTEX, we search for solutions that have the lower possible impact on the environment. Thus, among other things, such as optimized chemical product management and the incorporation of waste in our coatings, we are making efforts to correctly separate all waste and redirect it to recycling or recovery, giving life to new products and so contributing to the circular economy.
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Fashion Industry, The New Digital Era
We all know that major changes and developments come from major hits or disruptions, and 2020 will remain on the history books as the year who forced all of us (even the most skeptical ones) to embrace the need of going Digital.
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Transforming Concepts and Ideas into Real Products
Ana Eusébio
It’s easy to understand the general concept around the word ‘design’. In most cases, we associate this idea to something that represents function and aesthetics. These are the two main words that embody the basis of this practice we call design. However, this topic consists of much more than just function and aesthetics.
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