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About Us

TINTEX Textiles is a Portuguese company operating in the textile industry, crafting smart jersey fabrics and developing sustainable strategies along the whole supply chain. Based in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal, we put into work over 25 years of textile experience in creating both timeless and contemporary, eco-conscious and innovative circular knits for the Fashion, Athleisure, Active and Intimate segments.
Naturally Advanced is more than a motto – it is a mindset and an invitation for collaborative work in developing and manufacturing collections with material innovation, cutting-edge technology, controlled processing, and advanced dyeing, finishing and coating techniques. Our mission is to team up with partners across the sector and offer unique textile solutions that promote responsible business and manufacturing practices.
In its history, TINTEX has created more than 6,500 different fabric qualities, a testament to the company’s expertise and dynamic approach to business, justified by the versatility of the work we develop and the sector to which we respond. This work focuses on the design of finished knitted fabrics for TINTEX’s own collections and in answer to clients’ – global retail brands and apparel manufacturers – needs.
Exploring new concepts and perfecting proven ones is at the heart of this family company’s drive, employing and advancing breakthrough technologies to deliver unique textile materials to an ever-evolving world. At TINTEX, we believe technology is a means to achieve quality, performance, and sustainability goals, and are continuously committed to embedding innovation and responsible operation in our strategy and mode of work. Despite being (or rather because we are) such a young team within a traditionally age-old sector, our people’s background and already vast knowledge allows the company to constantly pursue optimizing solutions and achieve high performance in its natural-based textiles, enabling TINTEX to rise as a leader in fashion systems worldwide.
Our path has been one of steady learning, constant improvement, broad cooperation, transparency and attention to detail, always with our clients’ satisfaction in mind and striving to create a better textile industry and world for the future. These are TINTEX’s true colors.


Sustainability, innovation and style are the true ingredients of smart collections. We are looking forward to team up to fashion together a smarter future.


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TINTEX is founded.


TINTEX is granted the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100: Product Class I certification.


Lenzing and TINTEX team up to establish TENCEL™ Lyocell in the market.


TINTEX begins to create and present its own collections, directly supply influential international brands and operate on a new business model.


TINTEX reaches a revenue of 1M €.


TINTEX establishes an international sales network.


Substitution of naphtha for natural gas as the thermal energy source.


TINTEX starts exhibiting at international tradeshows.


TINTEX leads first major R&D project for natural dyeing processes using fungal and vegetal biomass.


  • Installation of a 460 kWp photovoltaic panel array, covering an area of ca. 3,500 sqm.
  • TINTEX is granted the GOTS certification.


  • TINTEX becomes a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).
  • Installation and start-up of a Coating line.


  • TINTEX is granted the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Organic Content Standard (OCS), Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and Oeko-Tex® STeP certifications.
  • Launch of the TINTEX NATURALLY ADVANCED brand image.


  • TINTEX becomes a certified bluesign® System Partner.
  • Development and release of the iconic Plummy® and Naturally Clean® product segments.
  • Revenue surpasses 10M €.


The Portuguese National Innovation Agency (ANI) recognizes TINTEX as idoneous in matters of R&D of advanced technologies, green and efficient processes, and value-added products. TINTEX’s mercerization process is certified by GOTS.


  • Opening of a Showroom in Porto.
  • TINTEX partners with Quinta de Soalheiro to launch INVINOTEX®, an alternative to animal leather manufactured with byproducts from the grape harvest.


  • TINTEX is granted the Recycled Content Standard (RCS) certification.
  •  Installation of a biomass steam boiler to substitute natural gas as thermal energy source.


TINTEX marks its 25th anniversary, commemorating a quarter-century of excellence in the textile industry.



INOVATÊXTIL – iTechStyle Modtíssimo 



ISPO Munich – Best Product
in the category “Outer Layer”


Hightex Award – Munich Fabric Start
1st Place


ISPO Munich – Best Product
in the category ”Soft Equipment”

Munich Fabric Start – Hightex Award
3rd Place

Future Textile Awards (nominee)
in the category “Best Innovation for Sustainable Textile”


Techtextil Innovation Award
in the category “Sustainable Solution” for project Picasso

German Design Award
in the category “Excelent Product Design”

ISPO Munich – Best Product
in the category “Base Layer”


in the category “Membranes & Coatings” for reference 5308TC – B.Cork™ (Coating Technology)

ISPO Selection
in the category “Accelerated Eco” for the reference 5202ND01 (Colorau – Natural Dyeing Technology)

in the category “Performing Finishes” for the reference 5665A8 – Pique 100% CO (Plummy Finishing)


ISPO Best Product
in the category “Membranes & Coatings” for reference TC5799 – Alternative to leather – Pine shell

in the category “Soft Equipment” for the reference TC6045 – Coating with grapes residues



ISPO Best Product
in the category “Base Layer” for reference 6061 – Interlock 80% CLY/20% SEACELL


ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2024/25 Outer Layer Selection Award for the Reference 6154-AB/WR – Active Double Face with 94% Amni Soul Eco® Polyamide / 6% Elastane




iTechStyle Awards powered by CITEVE, “Best Product” Prize for the innovative massaging, warming and electrostimulating leggings for sports and well-being applications, a result of the “Wear2Heal” project.




Our team of over 135 skilled professionals is committed to our values and delivers high quality jersey innovations.

Persistence paves the way to success.
Telma Rodrigues

TINTEX –  A role model in prosperity, the direct result of a great team.

Tânia Souto
Colour Controller
A lot of people dream of success, but only hard working people are able to achieve it.
Susana Pereira
Lab Technician
There’s no excellence without commitment.
Sónia Salam

TINTEX – synonym with success which is a direct result of commitment and dedication.

Sandra Esteves
Production Planning Manager
We exist to bring colour and texture to life.
Sandra Abreu
Colour Development Technician
TINTEX and I dream of a brighter future.
Rui Barros
Finishing Area Manager
Ricardo Silva

Doing more with less is our goal, quality and environment are our flagships.

Paulo Enes
Head of Maintenance & Infrastructures

Praising in public and tweaking in private, leadership is correcting without offending and guiding without humiliating.

Olga Fontainhas
Quality Control Technician
A Naturally Advanced Team!
Natália Correia
Key Account Manager
BEING TINTEX – is daring to see differently ahead of others and having the audacity and persistence to achieve goals, adding value, and using restlessness and passion as catalysts for Innovation.
Mário Jorge Silva
President of the Board

Believing is paramount, but attitude makes all the difference.

Marcos Garcia
Dyeing Area Manager

At TINTEX, every worker represents a part of the final result, combining various mind-sets into a single goal – success!

Lucas Barros
Head of Coating Production

Alone we can at times win, but as a team we can win all the time.

José Manuel Teixeira
Logistics Technician
Thinking differently makes us truly innovative.
Ivo Carpinteira
Purchasing Technician

Working at TINTEX is being presented with a new challenge every day.

Helena Ferreira
Colour Lab Manager

Unity is the best way to achieve goals.

Fernando Marques
Purchasing Technician

Team work is bringing together various ways of thinking with the same goal in mind.

Diogo Roque
Dyeing Team Leader

t’s great to work at a corporation which invests in initiatives that help protect the environment.

Clara Martins
Colour Lab Technician

Success is not an impossible mission, but rather the result of hard work.

Cátia Mendes
Logistics Technician

With eyes set on the future!

Catarina Rodrigues
Brand Development Manager

TINTEX – we surpassed hurdles and challenges, and we strengthened our team secure of an innovative, structured, organized, and sustainable future.

Carolina Lopes
Logistics Technician

We add creativity to knowledge and the end result is beautiful.

Carlos Fernandes
Maintenance Technician

Naturally… we’re the best!

Carlos Esteves
Head of Automation

Success is the sum of small continued efforts, of employing constant Innovation and evolution in the TINTEX team.

João Carlos Araújo
Logistics Operator

Today’s resolve is tomorrow’s success.

Carla Paula

Our high performance and smooth products rely on the smart and sustainable way in which we protect the environment.

André Silva
Finishing Team Leader

The daily effort and dedication of a great team allow us to pursue and reach the most incredible goals.

André Maia
Head of Production

With quality and acknowledgement, we keep on innovating to achieve success.

Anabela Magalhães
Product Portfolio Technician

The heat of the textile industry.

Ana Rosa Barros
Administrative and Financial Manager

TINTEX, where we all have our eyes set on the future.

Ana Sofia Oliveira
Business Developer

Team Work, Motivation, Professionalism, Dedication, Unity and Focus on Goals are essential attributes in making a difference!

Ana Margarida Lourenço
Purchasing Technician

Differentiation and Perfectionism are our guidelines.

Ana Eusébio
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