In a fast moving globalized market, companies must be able to swiftly adapt by bringing forward innovation, creativity, and responsibility. With over 20 years of textile research and development, innovation is our DNA. It activates change and allowed us to become frontrunners in dyeing and finishing, as well as pioneer of natural based jersey-knits providing sustainable values and innovative materials.

It all happens in our factory, a smart hub where “magic happens”, where a wide range of natural based, smart materials are created in a responsible, fully transparent way. Over the years it became a pivotal epicenter, a kernel and network between Technological Centers, Universities, and Knowledge Centers.

Corporate support, investments, partnerships and market research has turned TINTEX into an influential player in materials and processes which constantly innovates with new levels of service to the fashion industry.

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The aWare project strives for advancing R&D of innovative textile products in the circular economy. aWaRe – the acronym of Aiming for Water and Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling – means developing recycled and bio-enriched knits with recycled water, using mechanical recycling of cellulose based fibres by fraying and unravelling, spinning and knitting, enzymatic surface treatment, natural extract dyeing, bio-finishing and membrane technology for the recycle process of waste water.

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