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Project Start Date: July 1st, 2022

Leading Promoter: Impetus

Co-Promoters: Tintex Textiles; CITEVE; CeNTI; Riopele; JFA; ERT; Pedrosa e Rodrigues; A. Fiuza; Mind; Mtex; ESI; Smartex; InescTec; CCG; Adalberto; Sistrade; Sampless; TMG; Borgstena; Têxteis Penedo; F3M; Infos; Inforcávado; Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo

The Texp@ct project aims to digitize the textile and clothing industry through the adoption of digital technologies and solutions in the production process. One of the objectives of this initiative is to create complex production solutions, which combine robotics and automation features, alongside human intervention. Additionally, the objective of this project will also be to develop an advanced cloud-based solution for electronic business with the specificities of fashion and home textiles, which allows for an easy, fast, digital channel of communication and business with the end consumer. and cost-effective. The fashion movement has already pointed out that digitalization is the path this area will follow, and therefore, the design of innovative solutions and digitalization of physical samples will also be the objective of this initiative.

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