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Project Start Date: July 1st, 2017

Leading Promoter: Riopele

Co-Promoters: Tintex Textiles; +41 entities

How can we impart natural textures and aesthetics into a textile surface?

How can we enlighten a textile surface with discarded production wastes?

The answer resides in our coating technology, which discloses the material phase mutations that this material can endure and undergo throughout its transformation processes, allowing an harmonious incorporation of solid substances/material fragments during the coating formulation stage, and emerging as an elegant slipper leathery and downy layer after the curing process, keeping the original traces of the material incorporated, prompting an immediate immersion into its growing ecosystem, or trigger an association to other products derived from this raw material.

Achieving as final result, a self & natural-talkative coated alternative leather product turned feasible by the alignment of the Sustainable and Circular Economy visions.

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