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Project Start Date: October 1st, 2016

Leading Promoter: Tintex Textiles

Co-Promoters: CITEVE; CeNTI; Ervital; BioInVitro

PICASSo is a unique project that received the Sustainable Solution Award in the 2019 Edition of Techtextil. PICASSo gives life to responsibly-coloured fabrics using natural dyes extracted from different types of natural resources. The project envisioned and applied a process that uses only compounds of natural origin in the production of functional and sustainable textiles in a variety of fibres, such as cotton, recycled polyamide and wool – the extraction of colour is conducted using only water as a solvent. This whole process is salt-free, eliminating the use of one of the most consumed raw materials in the textile industry. Ultimately, the developed process eliminates the need of synthetic dyestuffs, thus eliminating one of the most pollutant elements of the textile industry.

The guiding force of the project focuses on the research and development of eco-sustainable products, favoring the use of natural compounds in the coloring and functionalization of textiles. This project resulted in the acquisition of several technical and technological breakthroughs: Incorporation of compounds of natural origin into textile substrates for the production of functional, ecological and sustainable textiles; Development of eco-efficient surface treatment technologies to improve the affinity between textile substrates and natural dyeing compounds; Ensure the color fastness of textiles to light exposure with naturally occurring compounds; Ensure color durability and antimicrobial functionality of textiles to wash; Guarantee antimicrobial activity in textiles only using compounds of natural origin.

This project allows the attainment of an alternative process to the traditional dyeing methods, environmentally, socially and economically responsible, that can be practiced throughout the dyeing industry, taking into account the full impact of the process, from the extraction of the dye to its application on the dyeing.

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