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Project Start Date: November 15th, 2017

Leading Promoter: Tintex Textiles

Co-Promoters: University of Minho; TecMinho; Fibrenamics

What is the future of textiles?

Which are the techniques that will turn our textiles more efficient?

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges that fashion industry faces in its path to sustainability is fast fashion or the overconsumption that the fashion world is showing. Hence, in order to have an innovative and practical solution to all of these predicaments we wrought in the multiscale dimensions of the textile materials, from the fibre to the design of the garments. While side studies and investigations were conducted to postulate the most essential principles of thermophysiological reactions and equilibriums of the human metabolism, generated in his both regular and active routines. Having considered all the data compiled, it was possible to engineer textile coated structures that can respond to stimuli, either segregated from body homeostasis or presented from the external climate surroundings. In fact, these textile coated structures were enhanced to be responsive to heat, water vapor and humidity, to improve the breathability; to be superhydrophobic, heightening the protection to rain drops; to be ergonomically adjusted to the body, producing continuously a correct body posture.

These innovative technological approaches were endorsed to design innovative clothing, in line with circular economy and eco-design principles, by assigning a substantial degree of mutability and versatility to the clothing. Pointing to a symbiosis of high-tech functionalities and the timeless design, that follows the athleisure aesthetics. The interchangeability of the envisioned garments surges from an increasing inclusion and adaptability of sportswear to our everyday lifestyle, reflecting the fast pace to which, more and more, humans are used to and endure. There are almost no free times, leading to the need of more practical, adaptable and comfortable garments, allowing free movements, acting as a perfect second skin by minimizing physical restrictions or stress.

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