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TINTEX’s fabric reference no. 3684/2 and no 4013/1 complies with the minimum requirements regarding breathability and particle retention capabilities for masks utilized in the context of COVID-19 Grade 3 – Masks for General Use.

The company is authorized to use the “Máscaras COVID-19 Aprovado” seal according to the declaration of conformity issued by CITEVE on April 22, 2020, based on the trial report no. 3509/2020 and on the “Máscaras destinadas à utilização no âmbito do COVID-19 – Especificações Técnicas” document, published by DGS, INFARMED, ASAE and IPQ on April 14, 2020.

Why IS our raw material for social maskS special

Our materials are 100% cotton:

  • – Biodegradable
  • – Comfortable
  • – Fresh

Our production processes are considered highly sustainable, being:

  • – Bluesign certified
  • – STeP certified
  • – Without using hazardous chemicals
What is blueSIGN®? 

BLUESIGN® is a system that provides safer and more sustainable environments for people to work in and everyone to live in. Powered by a holistic approach, BLUESIGN traces each textile’s path along the manufacturing process, making improvements at every stage from factory floor to finished product. BLUESIGN changes the environmental impact of textiles for good.

What is STep? 

STeP by OEKO-TEX® stands for Sustainable Textile & Leather Production and is a modular certification system for production facilities in the textile and leather industry. The goal of STeP is to implement environmentally friendly production processes in the long term, to improve health and safety and to promote socially responsible working conditions at production sites.

Ref: 3684-2 Black

Ref: 3684-2 White

Ref: 3684-2 Blue

Ref: 4013-1 Black

Ref: 4013-1 White

Ref: 4013-1 Blue

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