The world is constantly changing and evolving. When we are into a sector such as fashion and clothing, these changes are even more evident and occur at a higher rate.

Naturally, the success of a company in this sector depends on being able to remain competitive in its processes while being inventive, following (and dictating) the evolution of trends.

Thus, what are the bases that support these two pillars characteristic of Tintex: competitiveness and innovation?

1. Flexibility and Diversity 

Having a park of machines it allows the maintenance of the quality standards in the product and in the service, and at the same time the optimization of the processes is combined.

The inefficiency of the scale effect is mitigated, the response capacity is faster and the customers are served in quantities according to their needs, from small samples to medium or large collections.

On the other hand, diversifying this same range of machines brings flexibility to the processes and at the same time the profitability of the equipment is increased.

It also allows introducing steps that add value, creating new articles through different processes and thus providing new solutions to our customers.

In this way, with the same raw material, the possibilities as a final product are multiple.

2. Anticipation

Playing in anticipation is crucial to any area of business. In the clothing industry, to be a pioneer, innovate and invent is to define trends to follow!

But the key is not just to do it first, show it first. The key is to take advantage of the moment of creation as a moment of learning and optimization.

The conception of a new article, the introduction of a new technology should not only be seen as opening doors to a new product, but also as a window of opportunity to foresee the future challenges of its industrialization, what are the possible difficulties and limitations, potential points for improvement… systematic critical analysis before, during and after the design process.

Develop articles, build collections, creating solid and profitable roots from the beginning.


3. Open Spirit

Face the day-to-day with an open spirit!

Open to change, open to improvement, open to creation, open to error, open to the different, open to the new!

Do better, do different, be conventional or think outside the box.

Being disruptive or looking for slightly different alternatives does not matter, the important thing is to be constantly looking to evolve.

Dare to be irreverent while drinking the juice of the experience.

Experiment, experiment, experiment… without being afraid of making mistakes!

To experiment it to explore alternatives, it is to enter unknown territories. The erros is one of the possible hypothesis but with it comes a learning!

But besides the error, there are more possibilities, new surprises… success!

Try, fail, try different, do better!


Nevertheless, organizations are not just about strategies, organizations are built with people who take on and fit in with that strategy!

A group of people focused on the performance of their duties but who reflect what was listed above.

Teams with the flexibility and capacity to adapt to change, with a constant search for improvement, capable of predicting, anticipating and correcting without fear of making mistakes, with the will to seek better, with the determination to achieve success!

André Maia, Production Department
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