Naturally Advanced Evolution is more than a motto. It is a promise and an invitation to work together to develop further collections combining an environment-driven approach with cutting-edge technology.

Textile producers and fashion brands should develop their partnership in a much more collaborative way. On our side, we implement expertly controlled processing, advanced dyeing and finishing solutions to drive material innovation and manufacture a full range of natural based, smart materials.

TINTEX’ Department of Sustainability optimizes fashion solutions that enables us to arise as global leaders striving toward superior and  responsible fashion systems that are transparent and fully traceable throughout the supply chain.

Our mission is to team up for a better future by offering smart textile solutions that are 100% transparent and promote responsible business and manufacturing processes.


To achieve such goals we have invested over €26 million to drive material innovation including: high-tech machinery, responsible practices, ground-breaking dyeing and finishing technologies, R&D, as well as ongoing employee enrichment that supports research and experimentation to foster future break-throughs.

We believe that is crucial to implement a structured strategical plan that foresees innovative approach, smart sourcing and ongoing research and development continuous experimentation.

In fashion, smart innovation is an investment that goes beyond a company’s own goals and embraces partners, consumers and the environment. In line with the company’s commitment to the global market change, further investments will anticipate the market’s future demands.

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