Sustainability Report

Foreword by the Managing Board

“Tintex Textiles is, by the very nature of the sector it operates in, part of the traditional Portuguese industrial fabric. Our path is of legacy – past and future. We grew backed by the audacity of some; now, we lead driven by the character of many. It is with a sentiment of heritage and continuity that we keep working, day by day, to achieve technical expertise, groundbreaking innovation, dutiful responsibility and tight community engagement. These are our main drivers and the ones we believe are essential for selfsustained and prosper businesses of days to come. Our ability to focus on these key points was tested to the maximum in 2020. Every year has its challenges – that is how we know we are pushing forward –, but nothing like what came to be of this one. COVID-19 hit the global society like a lightning strike and shook our beliefs of modernized, efficient processes to the core. Apart from some rare examples, no nation, no organization, no corporation – no one – knew how to deal with the rapid spread and crippling effect of this disease. At Tintex Textiles, we managed it the best way we knew. There are 133 people working with us, some
of them brothers, sisters, wives and husbands, and our top priority has always been people’s safety and their livelihoods. That is why we bent over backwards to try and find new materials for facemasks, which could help keep the general population protected and maintain our business afloat. Our team managed to do just that with incredible quickness and wit, and we felt very proud doing our small, modest part in the midst of all the troubling times we were – and still are – facing. With our certified fabrics being one of the most comfortable, protective, ecological and visually pleasing available at the time, we were flooded with calls and visitors who wanted to certify and produce facemasks with these materials. In these times, we got to know hundreds of new people, started strong partnerships, learned about different processes, reinforced our own skills, and can now say we are a more resilient, flexible and robust team. This is the legacy we are proud of and want to honor in our journey ahead. The current situation is tough, and clear skies are not yet seen on the horizon, but the outlook is bright for Tintex Textiles.”

Check our Sustainability Report for 2021.


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