High Tech Fabrics by Tintex – Qualificação

High Tech Fabrics by Tintex

High Tech Fabrics by Tintex – Internacionalização

PICASSO: Mushrooms are the innovative ingredient of PICASSO project. The initiative aims to develop an innovative line of usable, eco-friendly and high quality textiles based on naturally sourced compounds from mushrooms, and/or plants.

TexBoost – Less Commodities more Specialities is the motto behind the mobilising TEXBOOST project, a cornerstone of the Textile Cluster: Technology and Fashion, whose goal is to encompass a set of R&D initiatives of strong collective character and high inducing and demonstrative effect, revolving centrally around companies from the Textile and Clothing industry, but also from other complementary industries.

TEXBION: The TEXBION project is aimed at developing textile structures from synthetic fibres made of organic thermoplastic polymers that can be used in conventional textile processes and dyed using natural dyes and sustainable processes.

WEAR2HEAL.: Têxteis para terapia muscular


Inovação Produtiva COVID19 (Produção de materiais têxteis para EPIs médicos e dispositivos complementares)

Têxteis Responsivos:. Desenvolvimento de sistemas fibrosos estimulo-responsivos

Covitec4Life:. Covid Protective Clothing for Life

STVgoDigital:. Digitalização da cadeia de valor do STV

aWaRe:. Aiming for Water and Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling

TrueHue: Perfect Colour for Textiles

PluriProtech: Desenvolvimento de soluções de vestuário para proteção e conforto ativo

#Naturally Advanced by TINTEX - Roadmap para a internacionalização.

High Tech (iJet) by Tintex

Naturally Advanced by TINTEX

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